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Complete home and car kit to take the effort out of cleaning. Effortless, delicate cleaning for allergy sufferers and pet owners.


Electrolux - Kit - KIT09C

No scratch Guarantee

Duster fluffy cover is extremely gentle to all surfaces. The bendable design adds flexibility and allows you to clean the most fragile and delicate items in your home. Clean computer screens, plant leaves and other delicate surfaces with piece of mind.

Electrolux - Kit - KIT09C

Secure cleaning

Duster does not allow any items to be sucked into the air stream of your vacuum cleaner. This feature allows you to clean jewelry boxes, toys and Legos without the risk of losing any items.

Electrolux - Kit - KIT09C

Pet hair expert

The rubber stripes on the bottom of the pet nozzle drag out hairs and fibers from different fabrics. The angled direction of the stripes is developed for maximum hair pickup in all moving directions of the nozzle. No maintenance after use.

Electrolux - Kit - KIT09C

Flexible crevice

With the flexible crevice you can reach behind washing machine, radiator or car seats with ease! For the really tricky spots the crevice can be bent around corners, for a spot less result.

Electrolux - Kit - KIT09C

Complete kit

- Trinity pet nozzle for hair removal with no maintenance and excellent reach - Duster for Delicate cleaning without lifting dust into air - Flexible crevice for easy reach and narrow spaces - Adapter to 35 mm connections



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