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Clean your entire home in one go or take care of the occasional mess with incredible thoroughness, down to the smallest gap. Discover a powerful and adaptable vacuum designed for the way we live today for a hygienically clean home.


Electrolux - Balais avec fil - EP81B25WET

PowerPro mop nozzle provides integrated mopping.

The PowerPro mop nozzle effectively removes liquids and stubborn dirt with its rotating pads.

Electrolux - Balais avec fil - EP81B25WET

6 times* more powerful

The high-speed motor delivers 6 times* the suction power for a thorough cleaning result.

*Based on internal tests for suction power on hand unit according to IEC 62885-2, compared to previous EER75STM model.

Electrolux - Balais avec fil - EP81B25WET

Cleaning done on a single charge**

So that you can tackle all your cleaning tasks with ease.

**Internal tests support up to 35 min of use on min mode which equals to a calculated surface area of up to 75 m2.

Electrolux - Balais avec fil - EP81B25WET

Thorough 5 step filtration for a hygienic home.

The 5-step filtration system removes up to 99.99% of microdust particle sizes 0.3-10µm for a clean home.

Electrolux - Balais avec fil - EP81B25WET

Auto mode for more efficient cleaning

Whether hard floors or carpets, AutoMode adapts the suction power to the floor type for effective cleaning.



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